2. Canadian Grocer Magazine - A spot for a recent article on how major Canadian Grocery Chain, Loblaws has a new captain to oversee the business and steer things in the right direction.


  3. A revised version of a piece for Canadian Grocer Magazine - which talked about how at the end of every shopping trip customers are preoccupied by their mobile phones in the checkout aisle.


  4. An illustration done for PC World Magazine about how to and why computer users should make double sure that their hard drives are securely erased before selling or discarding. Big thanks to Yasmin for this one!


  5. Milwaukee Magazine - A small spot about a study currently being conducted by gerontology researchers on patients suffering from dementia, depression, agitation, aggression, anxiety, apathy and withdrawal, using an experimental treatment that exposes them to various types of music. The results have been surprising - giving a positive indication that music can be both highly therapeutic and act as a sound alternative to prescription medicines.


  6. Mental_Floss Magazine - Who’s Umami? ‘Umami’ is a term best used to describe savory flavors or flavor combinations that are neither sweet, sour, bitter, nor salty - some commonplace examples are; anchovies, shellfish, mushrooms, asparagus, veal stock and gravy.

    I had a ton of ideas for this piece that pointed more to the idea of discovery - but we ended up agreeing that the best way to describe/visually represent a flavor that took no less than 100 years from it’s discovery/realization to actually be validated by scientists - was to simply represent it with a sardine on a cracker. Big thanks to Winslow for the lot of assignments!


  7. Another image for a really interesting Mental_Floss Magazine piece that looks at what causes cravings in our diets. The article points out several interesting facts about how high calorie foods help to relieve stress by producing serotonin in the bloodstream - however, the key contributor for these cravings is evolutionary biology. As high calorie foods were once both rare and necessary for survival - our cravings can mostly be blamed on our prehistoric attraction to them. My solution for this one was to combine a prehistoric hunting tool and combine it with a modern classic in the high calorie department.


  8. Recently I worked on a series of images for Mental_Floss Magazine. This one was for a piece about how the Nazis concocted a plan to kill Prime Minister Winston Churchill during WWII by taking aim at his insatiable appetite for decadent treats. Their plan was to use an exploding chocolate bar if you can believe that.

    Tried something a little more painterly with this one - really trying expand and challenge my visual vernacular to something outside of just working so flat and graphic all the time.


  9. For an article in Macworld Magazine looking at the reasons why Apple needs to fix the app store’s search tool as both users and developers agree that it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for in the app store. Thanks to Rob for this one!


  10. MIlwaukee Magazine
    By law, women in Wisconsin opting for pregnancy termination must first receive an ultrasound - where the bias of scripted consultation sees that these would-be mothers have anatomical features of the fetus pointed out to them on their scan. The focus of this article was on how planned parenthood groups are at odds with pro-life clinics - criticizing that they position themselves as a health care provider, but are rarely staffed with a licensed medical doctor - all the while providing the women who visit their clinics with false information and statistics that are cherry-picked from obscure or disreputable studies.

    Lately I’ve been really pushing my process and experimenting with new tools to bring much more depth and sophistication into my work - so this is kind of just the tip of a new iceberg/direction I’m experimenting with. Tons of new and really exciting stuff to share over the next while!


  11. A fairly quick half page illustration I did awhile ago for PCWorld magazine - all about improving productivity in Google Docs/Sheets with add-ons. Big thanks to Liz for this one! Running way behind in posting new work these days - but lots of new stuff soon!


  12. A quick image done for Canadian Grocer about the growing sales through ethnic Asian supermarkets in Canada. Had a bunch of ideas for this one - one which had a dragon and would’ve probably been totally outrageous and/or just plain offensive - but for the image size in the magazine I think this was definitely the best choice and worked out well.


  13. For an article in Indianapolis Monthly that looks at a veterinarian who is studying aging rottweilers hoping to find out exactly what makes senior canines tick for so many years—and how their longevity secrets can be applied to humanity. Fun fact: Canine research actually helped pioneer the use of insulin for diabetics and blazed the path for anti-hormonal prostate cancer treatments!

    Prints available here!


  14. The corporate side of the oil industry may be a meritocracy, but it’s a very unequal one (as in many other industries) - with women being the minority. In order for women to fully succeed in these fields they often need to think twice about having children as it can not only put a hiccup in their career, but derail it altogether - as their immediate male competition have an unequal advantage given that they are not tied to the responsibility of baring children - nor have they historically been burdened with the traditional role of staying home to raise them. Though society has come a long way and things are no longer completely black and white - this is still a predominant issue. As a result, many brilliant women leave their place of work and the talent pool at large leaving employers with people who may not be best suited for the job. This article basically urges women to stand up and make a change from the top down to rid of fossilized ideologies about gender roles and the lack of accommodations that are made for women with children/families in those workplaces. ..I totally just made that sound like the most challenging article ever, but it was actually a really interesting piece.
    Had a bunch of ideas, but really wanted to keep it light - I originally sketched a giant baby in an oil field godzilla’ing oil derricks - but the a.d’s suggested I put the little guy on a desk and have him messing things about - so we went with that instead! Thanks to Colton from Alberta Venture magazine for this one!


  15. I’m extremely grateful to have been asked by the fantastic Ashford Stamper over at The Pitch in Kansas City to illustrate their cover for this week. Pretty quick turnover on this one - so I’m sorta left with that feeling that really wishes I had an extra day to really tighten things up and push things much further. But overall - I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out and I learned a whole lot about basketball along the way!

    **The first image is what I submitted and the second one is a version that I’ve now dialed things back a bit with fresh eyes to feel a little more cohesive.